Shane Lewis Design, Inc. is me…Shane Lewis. I run a small studio in the sunny Tampa Bay area of Florida specializing in graphic design, advertising, website and marketing communications. But don’t let “small” fool you, my results are always BIG – whether they’re for the largest companies, the smallest or anything in between.


I want your projects to succeed as much as you do…maybe even a little more! That’s why my clients consider me an integral part of their businesses.


I’m Experienced

Since 1992 I’ve partnered with companies throughout the United States in dozens of industries, helping them achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

I’m Creative

Whether you need a unique and creative design with artistic flair or a buttoned-down corporate look that follows existing brand guidelines, I can provide what you need.

I’m Flexible

I work with you based on your needs. I can function as your exclusive creative agency or I can work in tandem with your current agency, helping to fill in the gaps with my, shall we say, “more reasonable” pricing and quicker turnaround time (you know what we mean if you’ve ever worked with a large agency). Or hire me a la carte whenever needed. I’m flexible.

I’m Accessible

I’m easily reachable and I’ll always respond quickly. This is perhaps the biggest advantage my clients have working with me. There is no middle-man, no one between you and the person doing the work. A single line of communication streamlines the process and helps maintain focus and accuracy. No hierarchy to cut through. Just me.

What’s the Secret Formula?

Good old fashioned hard work backed by a solid understanding of what my clients need, delivered within budget, on time and without attitude. You’ll never get attitude from me (trust me, I’ve worked with those people too)! Come on, I create stuff for a living…how cool is that! Every day is a pleasure to come to work and I try hard to let my valued clients feel it as well. Love what you do. Do what you Love.

Cities I  Serve

Everywhere! Although I’m based in Lithia, Florida, technology allows me to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. Some Florida cities my clients have been in are: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, Odessa, Sarasota, Lakeland, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Through the years I’ve also worked with clients in several other states, including: California, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Ohio and Arizona.

Contact Me

I’ll be happy to discuss how Shane Lewis Design, Inc. can make your business more successful by design. Contact me.