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Responsive, updated and easy to use.

After many on-again off-again attempts at finding time to rework my website, I’ve finally made it live! I have just a few projects up for now but will add more as time permits. My goal was to create a very clean, easy to read, easy to navigate site that quickly and clearly showcased several samples of my work. Sure, it has all the other essentials, but most people who visit my site are wanting to see project samples. The new site has a beautiful engine that enlarges the selected project right above the thumbnail for quick access, whether you are viewing it from the home page or the portfolio page. When you are ready to view another project, just click another thumbnail. It also has a carousel that rotates through various types of design I do. But my favorite aspect of the new site is that it’s built with WordPress content management and is totally responsive. That means the site adjusts for optimal viewing based on the viewers device, whether it’s a 27″ monitor, an iPad or an iPhone. It all serves to enhance the viewers experience and deliver the information effectively. Hope you enjoy!