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It’s always hard to say goodbye to dear old friends.

It seems like only yesterday I was saying adios to Macromedia FreeHand.  I held on as long as I could. Adobe Illustrator just couldn’t pry FreeHand from me, no matter how hard it tried. In fact, I’d been using it since it was an Aldus product in the very early 1990’s – everyone I knew used FreeHand over Illustrator. So after many years Adobe decided to just buy Macromedia and quickly stopped supporting or updating FreeHand leaving Illustrator as the only viable option. It was a quick and painless death for FreeHand and I now had to adopt Illustrator. But I still had my good friend Quark Xpress for page layouts. We had a long standing relationship as well. Quark served me well for over 18 years – I could do everything I needed, quickly and efficiently. I knew all the right moves. But several years ago, Adobe broke into the page layout arena with a strong contender, InDesign. With Adobe Creative Suite as a staple in my business, I dabbled with InDesign over many years but never found it as quick and easy to use as Quark. Surely Quark would never be bought out by Adobe as with Macromedia, so I never worried my friend and I would have to part. But as the years have passed, I’ve found Adobe didn’t have to buy out Quark. Instead, it has been isolating it by bundling InDesgin in with its Creative Suite. Everyone who needs Photoshop and Illustrator and Acrobat would just automatically have InDesgin. So Quark started slowly disappearing from most creative shops and printers. I’ve run into so many people, clients and their agencies who only use InDesign that I’ve been forced to switch too. So I’ve finally decided to exclusively use InDesign just to avoid the hassle of dealing with everyone else who can’t use Quark files. It’s a sad day, deja vu if you will. But it must be done. Goodbye Quark.